Grit Media and Marketing was founded  by two friends with one question in mind: As a business, what is the best thing we could offer to other businesses? After many nights of brainstorming, research, self-examination, and countless texts and phone calls, we found the answer: custom media & marketing solutions.

With over 15 years of combined experience in working for small businesses, we observed a common thread among them all - all had exceptional products or services, and all of them had at least one significant gap in their online presence. Certainly not from a lack of hard work - small businesses owners are among the most driven people in the world. Often, it stemmed from a combination of a fast-moving digital world and executives laser-focused on the bigger picture. A Facebook page with missing details, a bad review that's left with no response, a google my business page with outdated pictures...all of these things can seem unimportant when focused on the big picture.  However, in today's socially-distant world, online presence can literally make or break a business.

We combine an arsenal of tools with over a decade of combined experience to build a comprehensive online presence for businesses. We generate content for your business that showcases your best qualities and consistently  broadcast it to your target audience. Whether it's a drone shot of your facility, a well-run tik tok account, professional headshots, or new website, we work with you to find new ways to inspire and engage your client base.

Our motto is simple - "We work harder". We believe that there is no constant in life - we are all either building or crumbling. With this in mind, we constantly work harder than we did yesterday to provide businesses, organizations, and individuals with the media & marketing solutions they need to grow, succeed, and win.

We are proud to have worked with some of the leading local businesses in Michigan, including Ward's Rental Center, CA Risk & Safety Consulting, Michigan Elite Training for Athletes, and many more.

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