Begin With Enthusiasm

Anyone who’s run a marketing campaign knows that it’s no walk in the park. It takes an incredible amount of work! Execution is only a small portion of it- it takes meticulous planning, research, preparation, hard work, and know-how to make the results you’re looking for happen. However, before ANY of those things, there is one key ingredient at the very root of any successful marketing campaign:


Think about the most effective ads or campaigns you’ve seen in the past. What were they like? High-energy? Upbeat? Catchy? Unique? Cool? Memorable? Behind each of these pieces of marketing were people who were enthusiastic about what they were trying to market.

Conversely, have you ever come across an ad or an ad campaign that made you NOT want to learn more about a product, service, or event? Chances are, those ads were created from a place of insincerity, indifference, or dishonesty.

Yes, expertise is important. Yes, good graphics and good copywriting are important. Yes, market research is important. Why is enthusiasm so important?

Enthusiasm conveys worth and inspires curiosity. People are naturally “sales resistant”- you’re generally not going to convince someone to do business with you if you’re trying to convince them of your worth or the worth of whatever you’re promoting.

If your ads or ad campaigns convey a sense of enthusiasm, this creates one of two responses in potential clients:

1. “They’re excited about (insert product or service here)....I wonder why? What’s so good about it? Maybe I should check it out.”


2. “I don’t really care to learn any more about (insert product or service here), but it sure sounds like something that’s legit and worthwhile. Maybe I’ll tell (someone they know) about it!”

Marketing campaigns that come from a “salesy” place, that try and convince, or that come from a place of indifference inspire one of two other responses:

1. “This seems insincere….I don’t think I trust (insert product or service here). If it’s that good, why are they pushing it so aggressively?”


2.“I don’t really care to learn any more about (Insert product or service here), and the fact that they keep beating me over the head with these annoying ads makes we want to NOT learn any more about it.”

Don’t fall into the trap of indifferently trying to “convince” your target demographic when you’re trying to market something. Enthusiasm combined with preparation and expertise creates incredible results.

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