Brand Voice Consistency

Every brand has a voice. Their client interactions, social media posts, website content, the services they provide, the people they employ; all of these things communicate who the company is, what they stand for, and what people can expect from them.

One of the many key components to maintaining a successful business is brand voice consistency. As people observe and get to know your brand, they should be able to anticipate the kind of interaction that they’re going to have with you before it actually happens. If you have a casual office culture, a formal website, and a lackadaisical social media presence, this creates a dissonance when people interact with your brand. Having an inconsistent voice in your branding begs the question to the consumer: “Which voice is the real one?”

People are wired to look for patterns. When you speak in a unified tone throughout your business and web presence, you create a pattern for people observing or interacting with your brand. It tells prospective customers who you are, what you are, and what they can expect from you. When people understand these things, it builds trust.

Think of your brand as the perpetual “new kid in town.” You’re out and about, meeting new people, making small talk, etc. etc. If you’re swinging wildly between introversion and extroversion, you’re probably going to weird some people out. Popping back and forth between sincere, thoughtful conversation and making crass, lowbrow jokes will leave the people talking to you feeling confused. Pretending to be something you’re not or pretending to care about something you don’t screams “faaaaakkkkkeeeee” to almost everyone you interact with.

As a brand, if you’re trying to make friends, you’re going to need to figure out who you are, and you’re going to need to stick to it.

Gone are the days where a business had a built-in “wow” factor on the sole merit of existing. People don’t like nonsense, and people don’t automatically trust everything that companies say (which is good). The power is in the hands of the consumer. People want to support businesses that they relate to, believe in, and trust. People REALLY don’t want to support businesses that they perceive as difficult, untrustworthy, or disingenuous. There’s a reason that the “silence, brand” meme exists.

In the age of Google ratings and TikTok reviews, there is no room for posers. If you’re not being sincere, people will know.

Put some thought into what you want your brand voice to be. Does it reflect who you are? Is it consistent across your entire business? Does it communicate the values and mission of your company?

Above all, is it genuine?

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