Who cares?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Creating content for your businesses site/social media channels is an incredibly tricky task. There are infinite angles in which you can analyze whether or not something is worth posting/sharing. Some go the left-brained, mathematic route - agonizing over word counts, photo arrangement, scheduled post time, etc. Conversely, some take a more “free” approach - the “I’ll post whatever I want, whenever I want, because I want to” method.

And neither approach is necessarily wrong. However, neither approach guarantees success. The most perfectly timed, topically relevant, well-laid-out post can fail abysmally. The most unconventional, random post can become wildly successful. With all these factors swirling around, figuring out exactly what to post can seem impossible.

As far as we know, there is no perfect strategy (if you figure one out, please tell us!) However, there is one key question that we ask ourselves every time we create content.

“Who cares?”

Seriously...who cares?

This question can help weed out content ideas that might not work. If you’re posting something that you can’t imagine an uninvolved 3rd party caring about, should you post it at all?

Think about something you’ve posted in the past that’s gotten a lot of likes/interactions. For me, it was a picture of my newborn daughter that I posted to my personal social media accounts. It got FAR more likes/reactions/comments than anything else I’ve ever posted. By a lot. Why? Because people care about that. In general, people care about new babies being born. It’s universally understood that having a baby is a pretty big deal.

Conversely, back in my angsty teen days, I used to post metalcore songs on my Facebook page. To me, these songs were EVERYTHING. There was nothing cooler than these songs. I cared about them so much that I wanted everyone to hear them. However, these posts barely got any interaction at all. Maybe 1 like here or there from musically like-minded friends, maybe a comment from someone saying “this sounds like a garbage disposal full of rocks”, but in general, every post was met with resounding silence. Why? Because, in my group of Facebook friends, no one really cared. No matter how much I liked & cared about these songs, the people in my virtual bubble did not.

Asking yourself “who cares?” will instantly help you narrow down your ideas on what to post. The most perfect post is a combination of 2 things: something that’s relevant to your business/brand, and something that your audience will care about.

If the answer to the question “who cares” is "probably no one”, then it’s probably best to not hit the share button. If the answer is “probably at least a few people”, then go for it! There is no way to guarantee the success of your content, but you can certainly help your chances by asking yourself that one, simple question.

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